Chinese government says current wave is coming to an end

Chinese health officials said the current wave of COVID-19 infections in the country is coming to an end.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states in a report that the number of serious cases and deaths of Kovid is decreasing.

There was no apparent change during the Lunar New Year holidays last week, where millions of people turned up again for family gathering

Questions have been raised about China's Covid reporting for a long time.

But experts say the reported decline matches the expected timing of the end of this major wave.

The virus spread to Chinese cities and towns after authorities lifted zero-Covid restrictions in December

However, through January the rate of fever clinic visits dropped by more than 90% and the hospitalization rate decreased by more than 85%.

The apprehension of a resurgence of the virus during festivals is yet to be realised.

There has apparently not been a comeback in Covid cases during the Lunar New Year holidays.

In this time, no new variants have been discovered, and the country's current wave is coming to an end.

It also marked a sharp decline in the daily Covid mortality rate reported by hospitals - from a peak of 4,300 deaths on 4 January to 896 deaths on 23 January.