FBI to re-investigate search of Biden's home

Biden's lawyer says the FBI is searching President Joe Biden's home in Rehoboth, Delaware, as part of an investigation into the confidential documents.

In a statement Mr Biden's lawyer said the search was planned with the full support of the president.

The search is the latest in a series of searches conducted at various locations, following the discovery of classified documents at the Penn Biden Center - an office space - in Washington DC in November.

Wilmington Delaware found additional documents at Mr Biden's other homes in subsequent searches in December and January

The exact number of classified records recovered remains unclear – although at least a dozen have been discovered during the January searches alone.

Mr. Biden says that his team did what they should have done by alerting the authorities immediately and that they are cooperating fully and fully with the investigation.

In the first of the searches since January, Mr. Biden told reporters that the files were in a locked garage.

In Mr Pence's case, a "small number of documents with classified markings" were found at his home in Carmel, Indiana, according to a letter sent by his lawyer to the National Archives.

Documents were recovered by the FBI from a safe at the property on January 19, with two more boxes given to the Archives on January 23.